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Responding to the inner urge, the development of my thinking and feeling, I produce images again and again. These works relate to continue in life, sometimes isolated, sometimes as a complex whole.
The purity and energy at the beginning of every life is the engine of my work.


My career as an artist started from 1970 in Helmond, of which I lived and worked in the Cacaofabriek for the last 10 years. Then I made a switch in 1996 to the countryside in Limburg, in the town of Leveroy. From May 1, 2021, after 25 years of working in Leveroy, I made a new start in the city of Breda. The website will therefore also be redesigned in the near future. From now on, only work that was made at the new locations can be viewed. The work will now be created in two places, an indoor digital studio and an outdoor studio. You can also follow me on Facebook, You tube and for my publications on Issuu.com If you are interested in an extensive overview of my paintings, watercolors, drawings and digital assemblages, you can request and see a PDF file.



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